A new year a new style.

I think that an interior is never finished, it is a growing process. Since we moved into this home two years ago ,the interior has grown and changed over and over again. The last two years were a great journey full of creating and styling. It was a great experience to find out what works and doesn't. In the last few months of 2019 I finally found the perfect items that changed the interior in a great way. So let's start  2020 in my home, the base where every interiorjourney starts! Welcome into my home! 

The perfect Walldecor

Art has a huge impact on your interior. To find the perfect piece of art that suits your personality and interior can be quite difficult. The last 2 years many pictures on my Instagram included a wallfabric from HK Living. I love to work with a lot of colours, and this wallfabric was completely colourless! So it was time for something different. But... where to find a piece that suites you? I found it at a Dutch company called WallPixel. This company designs their own fabrics. With a special frame you can use it as walldecoration. I fell in love with their Vintage Chinese fabric right away! The fabric gives the interior a touch of ancient luxury. Check out their Insta or website to find your own dream design!

A colourful touch 

In 2019 we travelled to Marrakech for the first time. It was there that I fell in love with the colours of the Orient. The roses, the heavenly blue of "Jardin Majorelle", I wanted to take it all with me. Since a few years I follow the Dutch brand called Palais. With their cushions and scented candles I brought the southern vibe into my interior. With these cushions every home turns into a little Palais! Looking for new inspiration? Check out their insta, you will love it! 

For the love of details

The interior is build on it's details. It's all about books, artwork, souvenirs and scent that makes space more personal. On this way the interior becomes a reflection of it's owner. Take a look at the gallery down here, and maybe you will get inspired!  

More blogs to come!

The last part of 2019 was full of travelling, beautiful locations and above all inspiring interiors! So there are many more blogs to come! Hope you enjoyed this one!