Destination Balcony

At the start of this year I've made a lot of plans. It's only a few weeks ago since we thought of some new travel destinations for this year. Places like Istanbul, Porto and ofcourse Paris were on my mind. And suddenly there's the Corona-crisis. A virus that makes the world stand still. Our world will be lots and lots smaller than we are used too, travelling won't be possible. So instead of a far destination, I will take you on a journey close to my home (to be precise we stay at home) to a beautiful place that's called the Balcony. A destination that became quite famous last year, since Apartmenttherapy mentioned it in a top selection of Most stylish small outdoor spaces. But after a rainy autumn and winter there was nothing left to call "stylish". So to stay positive and to make the best of it, I did some restyling on the balcony! Will you join me on my journey to a dreamy place called the Balcony?!

Small world 

The balcony isn't that huge, so space is limited. Regular outdoor-furniture will not fit, so I had to be creative. I still dream of a round shaped marble bistrotable. But a round table would take too much of the space. After some web search, we've found this oval shaped edition! It gives the same idea and fits in perfectly! The bricked wall is only 1 meter wide, so it won't be possible to place a couch in there. With of all the visitors we always have I wanted to create an extra sitting area. Therefore I used old wooden crates that I got from local fruit-growers. They are strong enough to sit on and easy to move around. I placed 2 of them next to eachother and on this way I created a custommade little couch. To be able to sit more comfortable I used 2 cushions that I got from IKEA which are called 'Hemmahos' So all together I have got room for 3 people to sit and join me on the balcony! 

  • Balcony details 3
    Balcony details 3
  • Balcony details 4
    Balcony details 4
  • Balcony details 6
    Balcony details 6

Sustainable way of redecorating

It wasn't only the size that forced me to be creative, it was the social quarantine as well! Going out is limited in the Netherlands so I had to work with some old items that I already had. The situation forced me to work on a more sustainble way. The only thing that is completely new is the marble table.The Highlight of the balcony is definitely the fuchsia coloured chairs. I bought these ones second-handed on "Marktplaats" which is a dutch website where you can buy or sell used goods. The chairs used to be coloured in old greenish. The balcony is located on the northside, so that means less sun. To brighten this dark space up, I repainted the chairs in a bright colour. This fuchsia colour is called "abundance". Normally I buy new 'Hemmahos' cushions within every season, but with Ikea being closed I choose  to upholster the old ones myself. I used a fabric that I bought at a sample sale, so it was a very low priced job. With a tacker I fastened the fabric to the cushions, 'et voila! a totally fresh look!  

A tropical touch

Although there's little sunshine, I do love to add a tropical touch to complete a little green junglish vibe. So I added a little orange tree and lots of green plants. As for the colours cheme; I was inspired by my latest trip to Marrakech. To complete this vibe I used this blue cushion and added the vibrant coloured chairs. Together with some roses and a fresh Mint tea it almost feels as if I'm back in this beautiful city. Now I don't need to leave the house anymore and will enjoy a little holiday on my own balcony! Soon more blogs with hopefully even more inspiration! Let's make the best of this quarantaine period and let's hope it will all be better soon!