The private world of YSL&Pierre Bergé

If there has been a powercouple that inspires me (over and over again) it is Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. Together they founded one of the most famous fashionlabels we know now a days. Beside a great style in fashion, together they had a great taste for interiors as well. At one of my latest hometours I've found a beautiful book called "The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé". Ofcourse I couldn't resist buying my own copy of this book and obviously I had to share it with you all! 

Why to buy it?! 

A few years ago there was the great auction of the largest part of the artcollection by YSL and Pierre Bergé. The most beautiful artpieces were auctioned. At that time the world was offered a glimpse in the private world of this powercouple. With this book you will get more then a little glimpse. You will have a view inside their gorgeous homes, apartments, office and holidayresidences. And I promise you, this inside view is a great source of inspiration. The greatest thing about this book is the great diversity in styles. 

Great diversity in style

Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé both had different styles and taste. Something that can be seen quite well in the interiors of this book. They shared many homes, but also had their own apartments. Where the interiorstyle of YSL was more modern and simple on a divine way, the style of Pierre Bergé was more classic. What they shared was a great love for art, and their art plays in every interior a huge role. 

My favourite interior in this book

The book includes many interiors and as I said, every interior had a different style. Interiors of the Villa Oasis are really my favourite! Simply because of the dreamy colourscheme, amazing artpieces and above all because of the warmth and cosyness this villa offers.The villa is located on the grounds of the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh. It is still private and unfortunately not open for visitors (yet!). But with this book you will have a great view inside their home. After the Villa Oasis, I'm a huge fan of the Dacha and their house in Tangier! 

More of their Private World

If you like to know or read more about the interiors of YSL and Pierre Bergé then I can highly reccomend the documentary "L'amour Fou". In this documentary you will follow Pierre Bergé in the days before the auction. Do you have a special interest in their life in Marrakesh? Then the book "A Moroccan Passion" should defenitely be on your wishlist. And last but not at least, many magazines have devoted a piece on this powercouple and their interiors. For more inspiration you could check out Elle Decor  or Quintessence and ofcourse for more information the auction check out: Sothebys.

Where to buy?! 

If this review made you curious, then it's really time to purchase this gorgeous book! I bought my edition on a dutch website called but you can find it on Amazon as well! 

I hope you enjoyed this review and even better I hope you will enjoy this book soon as well! Have a wonderful day! 


Note of the blogger: the pictures in this review are found on many different websites, magazines and books. All the rightfull owners are mentioned as source.