Hotel de L'Europe

With it's 125 years excistence Hotel De L'Europe is one of the grandest ladies in Amsterdam. Located at the heart of the city and surrrounded by canals this hotel breathes elegance. Since last year the hotel has been working on a make-over. Together with designerduo Nicemakers the ground floor is completely redesigned. Earlier this month the hotel reopend it's doors, and I had the pleasure to be one of it's first visitors. With this blog I will guide you through one of Amsterdam nicest interiorhotspots. 

Timeless elegance

When I entered the hotel I expected a total new look. And yes the hotel has a new look, but when I arrived first thing I  noticed that it was as if the hotel always looked like the way it does today. In compare to the old looks the new style is completely different. But this new style is so timeless and incredibly elegant that it seems as if the hotel always looked like the way it looks today. Or better said it finally has the interior this place deserves.

RmariusB De L'Europe

Mendo Bookstore

Mendo is one of Amsterdam most well known bookstores. Until a few weeks ago the bookstore was located in the famous area of the 9 straatjes (the nine streets). Now the store is relocated to the Hotel. One can hardly call it a shop, since it has such a welcoming vibe. The new concept with beautiful comfy seats, and the possibility to order a coffee or other drink gives you the chance to relax and pick out the book that attracts you. With it's gorgeous interior, this is definitely one of my new favourite adresses in town. 

Trattoria Graziella 

New at the hotel is the Italian Trattoria Graziella. When entering this Trattoria you enter a little piece of Italy in the heart of Amsterdam. You would almost expect La Nonna to enter the Trattoria to show you her daily menu! The Trattoria breathes Italian style without any  clichés. A place to go if you want to have a pasta in style. Unfortunately when I visited the Trattoria wasn't open yet, but what I have heared is that the pasta is perfetto! 

Event spaces

On the ground floor you will find 4 beautiful event spaces. The spaces all have a wonderful view over the Amstel and have a different look but all with the same feel, A perfect place for a formal diner, intimate party or bussiness meeting. The rooms include a sitting area, which give every space a warm and welcome feeling.  

Beside event spaces the hotel also include many facilities. New at the hotel is the Mendo Bookstore and the floral corner of the Wunderkammer. The hotel also includes 3 restaurants, Marie, Bord'Eau and Trattoria Graziella. From which the Trattoria is a new addition to the hotel. Beside the restaurant the hotel also includes a bar called Freddy's. So if you visit Amsterdam and you stay in this hotel,  book an extra day because otherwise with facilities like this, you won't have any time to see a bit of Amsterdam at all!


What to do with a useless space, well you turn it in one of the most fashionable floral hotspots in town. The glass courtyard of the hotel is turned into a room filled with treasures by the Wunderkammer. Here you will find beautiful interioritems and from thursday till saturday wonderful flower arrangements as well. 

Bye bye beautiful hotel 

Want to know more about this place? Then check out De L'Europe to read more or even better book your suite and to enjoy a stay at this wonderful place! Thank you for reading!