My Amalfi Favourites

Last year I visited the beautiful Amalfi Coast. A coastline in southern Italy that counts so many beautiful places, hotels and hotspots. All together this was defenitely one of the most beautiful areas I've ever visited. At this coast you will find many enchanting villages like Positano, Ravello and a lot more. And while writing this blog, gosh I wish I could go back there right now.  But instead of going back I will just dream away by the memories and all the pictures I've made. So take a cold drink (do it in style and take a Limoncello) and dream with me about my Amalfi Favourites.

1. Le Sirenuse

Le Sirenuse is defenitely one of the prettiest hotels on the Amalfi Coast and deserves a place on number 1. The hotel offers you the most beautiful view over Positano. Although the village is very touristic, at Le Sirenuse you won't notice it. The enchanting entrance leads you deeper into the hotel where you will find cosy corners with vintage/antique furniture and modern artworks. All together the style of the hotel can be described like timeless elegance. This place still is a huge inspiration for my own interior.  With every stepp you will discover new treasures.

2. Il san Pietro di Positano

Just outside the village you will find one of the most romantic spots in Positano. From the road this place looks like a little chapel. Stop the car and step out. Your car will be parked and the staff will show you the way. Take the elevator and enter the glamorous world of Il San Pietro di Positano. From the restaurant Zass you will have an amazing view over the sea. Take a walk through the gardens or enjoy a delicious drink at the terrace. All together this hotel is the definition of Italian allure. 

3. Hotel Palazzo Murat 

You will find my number 3 in Positano as well. This top 3 makes Positano defenitely my favourite village on the Amalfi Coast. Number 3 is the Palazzo Murat. This hotel can be found in the heart of Positano. I didn't select this hotel for it's interior, but for it's wonderful garden. The garden and hotel are surrounded by a wall and a grand gate. Just pass this gate and you will enter a cosy terrace and romantic garden. All together this hotel is the perfect hide away in the touristic streets of Positano. 

4. Imperial Hotel Tramontano Sorrento

Classy, chique and very stylish are just some words to describe my favourite place in Sorrento. At the Imperial Hotel Tramontano Sorrento you feel the vibe of a glamour from the old days on a modern way. From the windows you have an amazing view over the sea and the beach of Sorrento. The interior feels like a movieset where a summeredition of Downton Abbey could be filmed. All together the Imperial is a true treasure and maybe the best one that Sorrento has to offer!

 5. Villa Cimbrone

The last one of this selection, the Villa Cimbrone. This villa can be found high on the hill in the small village Ravello. Around the Villa you will find an old monastery and a very beautiful garden. It's the garden that makes this place so special. For a small price you may visit the garden. And it's completely worth it. At the end of the grand lane you will find a gate to the balcony of Infinity which offers you an amazing view over the sea and the Amalfi Coast. 

Time to say goodbye

It has been a year since I visited this beautiful coastline, but it still inspires me every day. There are so many more beautiful places and views to see at the Amalfi Coast. I defenitely will go back one day soon, But for now it's time to look forward to some new journeys. This summer we will go to Seville and Marrakech. So more inspiring spots will follow soon! Thanks for reading!