A Window on the World of Living Well

Bombay on Canvas

Bombay Saphire has landed in the heart of the industrial side of Amsterdam. Every year Bombay offers a group of creatives the possibility to to turn an empty space (a canvas) into a creative world. A world where the visitor can stirr up his creativity and where visual art and the art of mixology are well combined.  After last year succes the Canvas is organised again. This years theme was Nature and Sealife. So take a deep breath and dive together with me into the world of Bombay Sapphire. 


Creative space 

The creatives of this year created a sea in the heart of Amsterdam. Inspiration for this evening was the quote:  "If we don't act now the world won't be blue anymore". A referation to the global heating that we are all aware off. And ofcourse a good referation to the blue bottle of Bombay. But don't worry it won't get to serious. And above all with all those delicious cocktails you certainly won't dry out. There are cocktails that taste like oisters and you will drink out of a glass that will melt in your hand. And so every cocktail has it's own message. 

Inspiring and incredible tasty

Together with some friends I had a great time at this event. We were very much inspired by the art, the delicious cocktails but also by the message. We really should take more care for our planet. All together Bombay really organised the most special event! My advice: take one cocktail (or 2, or maybe more but not to much ofcourse) and stir up your creativity at this unique location! You can visit until the 22nd of june so just click here to find out more about this special event!