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RmariusB Creative Agency

The past few years RmariusB has made a journey through inspiring interiors. During this journey it's founder found out that most of the creators/designers or owners of these interiors, even without knowing it, have such a great story to tell. Stories can be told in many ways. The most used medium of this time is definitely Instagram. 

But how to use it, how to share your work and even better how to tell your story? Well that's something RmariusB would love to do for you! 


Storytelling is the most important part of branding. Your story can inspire, connect and bound with potential customers and cliënts. RmariusB can assist you in finding out which story you have to tell. Besides finding your story, RmariusB can assist you with sharing it on the right way as well. 

"There's only one thing in life, and that's the continual renewal of inspiration" 

quote by Diana Vreeland 

Creative Agency

RmariusB has a network of creatives, influencers and lots of inspiring places. With the Creative Agency, RmariusB connects those creatives whom have a story to tell with the storytellers who like to share the stories on their own media. A story told by the right storyteller, can create publicity at the audience that connects with your company. It is the goal of RmariusB to connect you with the right storyteller. 

PR services for influencers and brands

RmariusB offers PR services for companies and influencers. With events, tours and location visits at high-end hotels, hotspots, or other places with a great story to tell. RmariusB offers the influencers ways to create new content to share with their followers. 

Want to know more?!

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