A Window on the World of Living Well

Interior related event.

Trends will come and go, but what can we expect for this year or let's say for the next season? By invite of Prins PR I visited the interiorworld of Co van der Horst. With a selection of great companies we talked about the trends of indoor&outdoorliving and sustainability in the world of interior. Curious to know what the trends will be or what to expect? Then chek out the rest of this blog. 


My day at Co van der Horst started with an update about the latest trends. One of the owners of Co van der Horst talked us through the use of indoor&outdoor fabrics. The great brands like Hermès and Dedar have created spectaculair fabrics that can be used for outdoorfurniture. The line between in&outdoor seems to dissapear even more this year. This was already an ungoing trend, but with latest fabrics you can add a touch of glamour to every corner of your home. Have a look down here and get inspired! 

Interior vs. sustainability 

All we hear lately is the word sustainable. We all have become aware that we must be more carefull for our planet. But how to be sustainable in the world of interior? Interiorbrands are trying to work with reused materials and with respect for nature. But how can we still create beautiful items without harming the beauty of nature. Personally, I think that sustainability makes us all a little more creative. I had the pleasure to see the end result of this creativity. Like the brand Edskea that creates plaids, cushions and carpets with a fabric that's been made of former plastic bottles. Or the brand by Corine Everdingen who photographs natural waiste and uses these photos to create prints for wallpaper, fabrics and other materials. Personally I was amazed by the work of Hillywood Art. The artist behind this brand has created beautiful artworks of animals (all died on a natural way). She made them a bit more beautiful to celebrate all the beauty nature has given us. Check out the pictures down here to see the endresult! Bit by bit we can all work on a more sustainable planet. 

Inspiration to the max

Beside the products with a sustainable story you will find very much inspiration at Co van der Horst. After the presentation I had some time to look around the many floors full of gorgeous interiors. At the shop you will find furniture from Dutch to international design. They also offer a divine selection of accesories, like the nice smelling candles of Onno. The staff will gladly show you around their beautiful store.

 Sustainable at home

The visit to this event really inspired me to be more aware of the items I will purchase for my own interior. I already loved to buy vintage items. But now I know that there are some new options too. I hope this blog inspired you to. All together we can make a little change. Thank you for reading and a new blog will follow soon!