A Window on the World of Living Well

Welcome in the World of Wolterinck

Because of the Corona situation our worlds have become smaller. For me as an interiorlover it's such a great luck to live in a small village where you will find many high- end Dutch interiordesigners. One of these designers is Wolterinck. With this blog I love to guide you through the world of this company. A world of modern design, art and a glamorous but above all stylish way of living. Are you ready?! There we go! 

Concept of living 

 Wolterinck is one of the Dutch high- end interiordesigners. The shop, office and showroom are located in Laren (the Netherlands). With a team of 25 architects, designers and stylists Wolterinck offers you a total- concept of living. Projects are created on a way that let in- and outdoor perfectly matches with one another. The company started by Marcel Wolterinck, once known as a famous florist, nowadays a well celebrated interiordesigner. Became curious? Let's go inside and see what makes this designer unique! 

Rich in structure

Normally I'm fan of colourful interiors. Wolterinck shows that an interior can be an experience for the eye even without a lot of colour. The interiors may not be colourfull, but they are certainly very rich of materials and structure. This richness makes the interiors of Wolterinck a true adventure. Because of the serene use of colour all the attention is drawn to the amazing architecture, the materials, furniture and artpieces. It is as if all your senses are stimulated. Because of the well balanced combination of material, the interiors of Wolterinck give you a very calm, warm and welcome feeling. Last but not at least, take a look at the beautiful furniture. Most of the items are designed and created by the company itself! 

Impact of art

Throughout the showroom you will find the most beautiful pieces of art. Every artpiece is perfectly matched with the structures or colours you will find in the room. An artpiece can have a huge impact on your interior. Beside good looking it is also very important that it reflects your personal taste. But how to match that perfect piece with your interior? Looking for inspiration or advice, this is the place to be. At Wolterinck they can assist you with this quest.  As you can see in the pictures, that if you combine the art on the right way, it will tell the story of you and your interior. 

New Book

Have this blog made you curious to learn more about the World of Wolterinck? Good news, the company just released a new book called "Designing your world". In this book you will find inspiring examples and lots of projects. The book also shows how the style of Wolterinck works in many ways and in different climates. From a project in the Netherlands, to a chalet in the mountains or a villa on the Greek Islands. This book shows how the diverse style of Wolterinck perfectly adapts to the surrounding and country where it's created. Beside that, this book would look perfect on your coffeetable. A good way to have your own piece of Wolterinck at home! 

Time to leave

I hope you enjoyed this little tour throughout a small piece of the world of Wolterinck. Curious to find out more about Wolterinck?! Then check out their website where you will find more information about their new book as well! Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey! Soon a new inspiring interior will follow!