A Window on the World of Living Well

Brecht Murré Atelier

For me, designer Brecht Murré is one of the most inspiring designers we have in the Netherlands. Brecht's studio is located in Laren NH in the Netherlands. At this studio she shows her work and style. Her style is characterized by a base of warm colors with a mix of vintage and new items. It's all in the small details. These details and  the beautiful interior are the basis, but it is mainly Brecht's personality that brings this space to life. Curious to this atelier?! Then take a look at the pictures! 

Inspiration to the max

The Atelier is also a shop. At the shop you will find cushions (you will find a beautiful collection of cushions by Élitis), china, unique vintage pieces and beautiful furniture. Just looking for that one special item to complete your interior?! Then you are here at the right adress. Beside shopping this is also a good place for inspiration or advice! Nicest thing of all is that you can meet the designer herself. 


Most important thing before working with an designer is the personal connection. That's why the atelier of Brecht is a good place to visit. I can tell you, if you like the vibe there, than you certainly do like this designer!  She matches the personal story of her client with the right colours and items to create a personal and warm interior. 

Creative Matchmaker

At the atelier many creative minds come together to think of new ideas or show their products. With a good cup of coffee in hand new collabarations or contacts are quickly made. It was here that I recently met Chantal Keizer, creator of the beautiful cushions with the violets (see picture 1 and 2). A blog about these cushions will hopefully follow very soon! 

Where to find?! 

You will find the atelier of Brecht Murré at the Mauve Zand 2,  1251 JE at Laren NH in the Netherlands. You can also check out her website to read and see more about her projects. Take a look at my Instagram to see more pictures of this inspiring place! Maybe we will meet there once?! Who knows! For now have a great day and thank you for reading!