A Window on the World of Living Well

Loggere Wilpower 

Hidden on the Dutch countryside in a small village called 's- Graveland you will find a beautiful estate. On this estate the designersteam of Loggere Wilpower created together with Willemijn de Leeuw and Timothy van Oorschot a beautiful and inspiring showroom. Every season the team changes the interior of the estate to inspire their clients. With this blog I will show you their lastest change. 

A house that feels like a luxury hotel 

The glamour and elegance of a boutiquehotel at your own home?! With the style and expertise of Loggere Wilpower it's possible. With warm fabrics, different kinds of wallpaper and self designed furniture the team has created a warm and inspiring space. Because of the different shades of red and some blue highlights this space is suitable for every season. It offers you warmth on a cold rainy day and it brings you freshness on a hot summersday. 

Arty party

The room is filled with great art. Pictures on the wall are from Mag Photo. At Mag Photo they aquire the most beautiful pictures printed in high end magazines. Do you have a picture in a magazine which you like?! Then you should contact the team of Mag Photo and maybe they will find your picture and print it for you on high quality. On this way you can create your own unique gallery wall. Curious about the artpiece above the fireplace? This piece of art was made by the team of Loggere. Although it looks luxury, it's easy to make it yourself. It's made of an vintage surfbord covered with a luxury fabric. 

Different rooms different styles

The complete estate feels like a real life interiormagazine. Beside the lobby you will find more beautiful rooms, like a livingroom, office and bedroom. Every room has it's own style where the team shows you how fabrics and wallpapers can be used. The livingroom has a warm touch which perfectly fits the countryside. At the office you will find freshness with light materials and white/pink colours.

Inspiring place

The estate is a must visit for every designer or interioraddict. Looking for some new inspiration, great art, or advice?! Then you should really visit the beautiful showroom of Loggere. Enough inspiration for the day? Then you can take a walk on the quiet gardens of the estate. More information can be found on Loggere Wilpower.