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Paris By Design

If there is any city in the world that inspires me, it's Paris! About this city of romance, beautiful architecture and elegance is written a lot. But there aren't a lot of  books that describe/show the creative side of this city.  A short while ago I've found a new book, which offers everything I want to see, read and know about Paris. This book is called "Design by Paris" and is written and created by Eva Jorgensen

What to expect?!

With this book Eva introduce you to the creative scene in Paris. In interesting interviews the creatives of Paris share their stories, homes (with amazing interiors) and their favourite locations/hotpsots in the city, The book is a very complete collection of the modern Parisian way of life. You will find tips for books, locations, artists and great Instagramaccounts to follow. 

Picture by  RmariusB

 Pictures by Chaunté Vaughn

Why buy it?!

First of all, the book looks great on your coffee table. Secondly, with this book you are guaranteed a few great days in Paris. Don't have any plans to go to Paris in a short while?! Then this book is definitely worth it. Just for the beautiful photos, recipes and lists of instagrammers that you should not miss.

More Paris?! 

Soon I will share a blog with all my favourite Parisian addresses. Can't you wait that long?! Then you should really check out the Instagramaccounts of Cake Boy Paris or Marin Montagut and ofcourse the website of Eva Jorgensen!  For now I will continue reading this book and maybe book a trip to Paris soon!