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Blog 1: A Warm Welcome Tour 

Hi! Here it is my first blog on my own website. My name is Roel Marius Brouwer, but just call me Marius. I'm a true Interior Addict. As Interior Addict I've written monthly blogs for a Dutch interior magazine called Residence. But now it's time to start writing blogs for my own website!  So welcome and have a little first look inside my home! 

Picture by Muk VL

Colour up your life

I live together with my partner and Stewie (the dog) in the Netherlands in a small village called Laren. This is our first own home. Here it was that I discoverd my great passion for interiors. I'm a big fan of colour and especially of blue! So before I moved into this house, I already knew that the interior should be colourful! That's where my motto "Colour up your life" started! 

More is More Less is a Bore

Eyecatcher of my interior is the blue velvet couch! Because this is my first home, the budget to decorate my home isn't that big. That's why I love to mix and match with expensive and cheap items. On this way you can create a fancy and high- end look. To complete the colourful vibe I like to work with many cushions in different colours. The cushions on my couch are from House your Brands, Primark and HM Home. I love to work with diffrent fabrics, colours and patterns to create a warm and personal touch. 

Funky Floral

I'm a big fan of flowers! Every week the flowers give  my interior a diffrent look. With flowers you can always create a new colourpalet without completely redecorate or restyle your interior! Because I've got a small balcony I love to bring nature to the inside. My interior reflects all my hobby's and interests (books, art, fashion, nature and a lot more!) and that's what makes it personal.

I will  keep you updated every month about new changes in my interior